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14 June 2018

My Friend, I’m so glad you came to walk again!

Truly, you must have the heart of a Wanderer. Someone who doesn’t stay in one place but feels the call of life to move & evolve.

Life is ever-changing & so are you! If you feel like not fitting in, remember that it is because the world has started to go against the natural rhythm of life.. not you.  

Why you're a Wanderer - Episode #2

by Emerelle's Voice | Podcast

What good has come of being different? Share it in the comments..

The greatest people we remember were often laughed at or even fought against in their lifetime. What does that tell us?

In the beginning, change & evolution is always met with resistance. However, those wo persist often find something truly remarkable..

“Those who do not find their place in the world are the ones whom God has saved for himself.” ~Mooji

They come in touch with something deeper.. something true. That inspires them to create outstanding & beautiful things! Something the world doesn’t give you, unless you search for it.

So I’m happy we have started this journey together!

It’s not as hard as it might seem.. and the times when you were killed for knowing the truth, are long gone. So let’s keep walking!


Endless Love,

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