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The Misleading Paths #EV4


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25 July 2018
Don’t be distracted, Wanderer.
Today we want to talk a bit about all the misleading paths you can take. On this Journey to yourself, there are in-numerous ways to go!

You can search for worldly success, the perfect body, a loving family, spiritual achievments and so much more. Nothing wrong with that, but before you haven’t found out who you are, wanting all this, it is an endless journey.

It’s Maya, the big play of life we are all participating in.

There’s a saying that life will make tired those who seek the world and serve those who seek truth.

True rest and feeling home only is to find in yourself!

Avoid the wrong Paths - Episode #4

by Emerelle's Voice | Podcast

Q: Share 3 paths that distracted you. Answer below

Especially in the spiritual field, it’s easy to get distracted. The closer you get, the more delusions will come!

You can feel accomplished by learning spiritual and esoteric skills, but it only leads to creating a new, polished, version of yourself: The Spiritual Ego.

It’s a trap almost every Seeker has to deal with!

The faster you go through it, the better. As a Wanderer, you’re used to visiting many places and moving on, so also don’t stay and settle there. It’s not what you came here for!

Endless Love,

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  1. Emerelle

    As promised, I’ll share some of my detours as well: Exploring the esoteric world including angels, oracle cards and chakras, learning energy healing, trying to be as ‘light’ as possible, eating raw food etc.
    Not to offend anybody in these areas, it all has its place. But to find out who you really are – which is the goal of every true search – these things are redundant or even hindering! In themselves they are innocent, but when promising some superior spiritual state, be cautious. Never try to find yourself in THINGS (even when ‘spiritual’) because what you are is already there.


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