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Finding the right Direction #EV3


Here to help you find yourself

18 July 2018

Which direction shall we take, Wanderer?

We are all searching for the same thing: Happiness. Peace. Love.

There are unending routes to go, but most will only seem to lead you there. If at all, happiness will just be shortly lived. Peace will go again. Love turns out to be false and transforms into hate.

This cannot be the right direction!

If you’re tired of this play and have tried enough of these routes, then the true journey begins and a new direction opens up:

The journey within.

What you sought so long in outer things can now be found easily within your own self. It has been awaiting your discovery for so long..

Find the right Direction - Episode #3

by Emerelle's Voice | Podcast

Q: Can you sense this unchanging part in you? Answer below

Opening up this discussion & having a look into yourself today is the first step to true self-discovery.

Finding yourself is not so hard, but takes a bit of understanding & the right kind of information.

So let’s keep walking together each week!

Before you know it, you’ll be immersed in this new way of living and find that life just takes care of you. It always has, but now you have the eyes to see and embrace it.

Endless Love,

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