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Starting the Journey EV#1


Here to help you find yourself

11 June 2018

My Friend, I’m excited to welcome you on this journey!
This is going to be a long walk. Possibly something you haven’t experienced before.. so get ready to get going!

Emerelle’s Voice is a “Story Podcast” in which one episode builds upon the other. Each one is short & sweet, but full of profound life lessons. Take what you want and leave the rest.. but just keep walking.

It leads up to an experience you wouldn’t wanna miss..

Starting the Journey - Episode #1

by Emerelle's Voice | Podcast

 Hello, introduce yourself in the comments down below!

Today has only been an introduction. We meet along the way, seemingly by chance.. but know that no meeting ever is purely random in life! Especially not those kinds of meetings.. where from the first second, you feel like you have known each other for ages.

I feel that we were meant to meet. Maybe we agreed to be friends in this life a long time ago..  and maybe we’ll only go a short part together. However it is, I have something to share & you a great realization to make.

“All that is gold does not glitter.. not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tokien
Whether you feel lost, misunderstood or like you are failing at life.. know that this is only temporary! It’s here to guide you somewhere, to make you go deeper & find something not many people will find in this life.. truth.

I congratulate you for taking the first step!

In the beginning, change is always the hardest. But there’s also magic in new beginnings that helps & guides us..
so trust, everything will be fine.


Endless Love,

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