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Hi, I’m Emerelle

A   S I N G E R   &   S P I R I T U A L   S P E A K E R,  born in Austria, with a life-long calling for truth. I’m here to help you find yourself & discover your own true light.
“Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for being the first person to bring tears to my eyes in a long time.”
“I never believed in love.. until now.”
“Thank you for your words of simple yet profound wisdom. A calming & peaceful experience!”
“You did something to me, Emerelle.. I’m overwhelmed with happiness! Thanks for your music!”

Are you a Wanderer?

if you

– sometimes feel lost in the world,
– think you are a failure or
– feel like not fitting in

Yet, you

– sense this inner calling,
– believe there’s more to life &
– want to carve out your own path

I’ve been there. It’s a chance to go


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“Those Who Wander”

Music Album

“Not all those who wander are lost”
Inspired by this quote, a musical journey
unfolds that takes you right into your heart.

“Find your true Self”

Online Courses

How to find your true Self & Voice
Join Emerelle’s successful classes on Skillshare
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